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The field of activity of the Piktor Elektroszinter SRL for surface protection is the plannning, producing and distribution of enviroment-firendly industrial painting/ surface treatment systems.

It depends on the high quality and the adhesion of the paint, the resistance in salt spray, the wet-heat, the striking the surface, the appereance of the painted surface, and the requirements of enviroment safety which painting system we offer.

We provide a wide scale of enviroment friendly and modern technologies and the most up-to date installations including the following areas:
-pre-treatment lines
-wastewater recovery systems
-painting booths
-spraying units
-drying/ curing tunnels
-painting booths for can industry
-system for material transportation (overhead or floor transportation system, transloading cranes)

The higher category of the enviroment friendly painting technologie is the cataphoretic (KTL or e-coating) and autophoretic or anaphoretic (ACC) painting, which guarantiee the exeptional features of the applied paints on the parts, the resistance of the maintained surfaces against external factors, the evennes and adhesion of the protective layer, and the intrusion of the paint in the areas which are difficult to reach ( eg. Corners)

The painting systems provided by us, can be continuous or in pace, automatic or hand operated, according to the concept of the customers, in the field of construction industrie, car manufacturers, airplanes and agricultural machines.

The preparation of the surfaces to be painted can be realised by chemical and mechanical pre-treatment of surfaces with ultrasound. The chemical washing units also differs according to the applied technologie: dipping or spraying, degreasing, phosphating. At the planning of our systems, we coopearate with professional companies, according to the demands of our customers.

Tracking and adjusting the control parameters (temperature, pH, timing, concentration of chemicals) – are realised in an automatic system.
The chemical substances used in such lines are biodegradable and ecological, produced by firms in the field.
As for a complement of the pre-treatment line, oil expeller, and automatic chemical dispensers.

Our services and products

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Most of our devices are planned individually, fulfilling the demands of our customers. Besides that there are several important factors like the type, configuration, material of the parts, the degree and type of impurities, and the expectations against the painted parts.

Besides the classical technologies and devices we are open and we always look for new and enviroment friendly solutions.The devices work in a continuous or in pace, they are automatic or or hand operated, according to the quantity of the parts and the demands of the customers.

We offer service and consultancy about painting companies, and operation of galvanising units.

Our products and installations provide:
 – high-level protection of human health and environment;
 – superior quality and excellent adhesion of the paintcoat ;
 – high efficienty of paint recovery;
 – high productivity;
 – low maintenance and operating costs, reduced powerconsume

The highly specialized staff of Piktor Elektroszinter SRL. will answer of all your requests with promptitude, firmness and professionalism. 

Our services include elaborating the most proper technologies, requirements and the related technical financial offers. Our colleagues help with assesment on the field for the interested customers.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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At the planning of our waste-water treatment system we apply the prescribed technologies, and we conform to the norms and operating enviromental regulations of Hungary and the European Union.

The electrostatic powder painting is a simple and effective painting method, and has lots of advantages over the traditional ( solvent based) painting. It is an enviroment friendly painting method, because the powder does not contain solvents. The paint is applyed to the parts with the help of the electrostatic field, and also guarantees a minimalised paint loss. 95% of the powder paint is applied to the parts, and the rest can be recovered and reused.

The powder paint line, which follows the pre-treatment system for surfaces, consists of the following units: powder paintiing booth, spraying unit, drying tunnel, and transportation system.

The solvent containing line, which follows the pre-treatment of the surface, consists of the following units: painting booth, spraying unit, drying tunnel, transportation system.

The painting-drying booths form a separate category, and they are used in the car manufacturing industry and in wagon factories.

Due to the variety of the workpieces and the expectations of the customers, the transportations systems are very diverse. We are very aware, that the crew gets in touch with the workpieces only at the beginning and in the end of the painting line.

The types of the transportation system can be the following: overhead transportation line/ conveyor, cranes, floor transportation line, hand operated, automatic, or mechanised.

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