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Modernisation, rebuilding

We undertake the renovation and modernisation of lines or system delivered by us or by other companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Periodic maintenance

We undertake the periodic maintenance of lines delivered by us according to the contract of maintenance, also after the expiration of guarantee. We provide components up to 10 years after the delivery.

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Relocation, extension

We undertake the relocation and extension of lines to another business premise. This includes lines or systems delivered by us or by other companies.

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Painting Systems - Technological lines - Piktor Elektroszinter SRL

The Esz-Ter Ltd. is a company for planning, producing and distributing surface protecting devices and has decades of experience.
During the years, gaining a rich experience in the field of designing and manufacturing painting systems, the range of activity of the company has widened and continuously developed including the following areas:

  • Ecological industrial painting systems for:
    – chemical and mechanical pre-treatment for surfaces with ultrasound, by immersion or spraying in continuous flow or in paces, automatic or manual;
    – cataphoretic (KTL or e-coating), anaphoretic and autoforetic (ACC) painting;
    – painting in automatic or manual mode by spraying in electrostatic field (powder booth, spray technique, powder curing oven) with powder paint;
    – painting in automatic or manual mode with liquid paint (water-based or solvent based paint);
    – painting booths for detached parts, vehicles, busses, railway carriage;
  • Automatic or manual recycling stations, in continuous flow or in paces, for wastewater treatment system – used materials, according to the European environmental standards;
  • Demineralised water preparing unit;
  • Lines of metal coating, galvanizing, anodizing, phosphating (manganese, Zn, Fe);
  • Exhaust systems, air filling;
  • Transportation systems at ground, overhead or transporting cranes;
  • Maintenance and modernisation of existing systems- service and consultation;

Our products and installations provide:

  • high-level protection of human health and environment;
  • superior quality and excellent adhesion of the paintcoat;
  • high efficienty of paint recovery;
  • high productivity;
  • low maintenance and operating costs, reduced powerconsume;

The demands of customers are very diverse and varied, due to the variety of impurities, dimensions, configurations and material of the parts to be painted. The installations we offer are mostly unique, according to the expectations to be met after painting. Besides classical and well-known installations and technologies, we always look for new and environment-friendly solutions.

We offer installations and lines which are able to run in continuous flow or in pace robotic or manual mode, depending on the possibilities and demands of the customers.

The highly specialized staff of TC Piktor Elektroszinter Ltd. will answer of all your requests with promptitude, firmness and professionalism. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Pre-treatment systems

At the planning of the offered lines for pre-treatment we collaborate with specialized companies in the field of chemical preparation of surfaces, and we always take the requirements and requests of our customers in account.

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Cataphoretic (KTL or e-coating), anaphoretic and autophoretic (ACC) painting line

The technological lines for cataphoretic (KTL or e-coating), anaphoretic and autophoretic (ACC) painting offered ensure a high resistance of treated surface against external factors, through a uniform and adherent protection layer and also to paint into the hard accessible points (corners).

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Wastewater treatment system

In order to remove the contaminant materials safely and in the proper quantity, it is possible to attach a continuous or hand-operated waste-water operating system.

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Paint booth

The powder painting of the parts takes place in the spraying booth, in the electrostatic field with the help of the spraying gun.

Our powder painting lines can be automatic-continuous or in pace, or hand operated.

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Water / paint dryer / Powder curing oven and tunnel

The drying tunnel or oven is used for drying the surface of the parts after the washing operation (surface preparation) or to dry the applied layer of liquid paint.

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Material transportation systems

Transportation systems for parts are made in accordance with the type of equipment required and the parts which is needed to be carried. The transportation systems are characterized by high durability, are very silent, easy to maintain, a wide range of speed sets, heat resistance up to 200-300ºC

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Metal Days

In Mai of 2016 we participated on the organisation and leading of the 4th edition of “Metal Days – Surface Technology Conference”, which was a...
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