Equipment for dip pre-treatment

Equipment for dip pre-treatment

The dip pre-treatment system consists of a chain of tanks and a hoist track which ensures the movement of the load between the tanks. The rigorous control of the temperature and time prescribed in the chemical data sheet, provides a well-cleaned surface and a proper adhesion of the paint layer.

When lifting the transfer basket, the hoist track allows the load to be inclined to facilitate the disposal of active substances or water on the surface and inside the profiles.

The heating of active baths is done by using electricity, methane gas, diesel or PB, directly or indirectly.

The demineralized water required for the line is provided by the demineralisation plant.
When switching on the plant, pumps, fans, transmission beam operation and tracking is performed through the PLC central control unit.

In order to bring the machines to operational technological parameters and to minimize the waiting times, their start can be done in advance of the start of the actual activity, by prior programming for the next period.