The field of activity of our company includes the renovation, modernisation, relocation, and .installation of existing systems. At these occassions we offer consultancy, planning and installation on field.

Modernisation, rebuilding

We undertake the renovation and modernisation of lines or system delivered by us or by other companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Periodic maintenance

We undertake the periodic maintenance of lines delivered by us according to the contract of maintenance, also after the expiration of guarantee. We provide components up to 10 years after the delivery.

Relocation, extension

We undertake the relocation and extension of lines to another business premise. This includes lines or systems delivered by us or by other companies.

Repairment, installation, training of the staff

We provide the installation repairment, training of the staff, we deliver the users manuals.

Repairment of spraying units

We undertake the repairment of spraying units.

Replacement components

We guarantee to deliver the replacement parts for systems delivered by us, during the guarantee period and also up to 10 years after expiration of guarantee.

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